Pygmy Falcon II Wolf Gray
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제품 명 : Pigmy Falcon II BackPack - Wolf Gray

* 제품 사양

- 색상 : Wolf Gray
- 용량 : 23 리터
- 중량 : 1,046g
- 사이즈 : 45cm (높이) * 24cm (가로) * 14cm (폭)

* 영문 설명

Dimension: 8"(H) x 9.5"(W) x 5.5"(D) Main Compartment
12"(H) x 7.5"(W) x 2.75"(D) Front Pouch
12"(H) x 7.5"(W) Slip Pocket
Capacity: 1400 cu. in. / 23 liters
Hydration: Two side pouches for 1L Nalgene
Support: 1in Adjustable Sternum Strap
Optional Accessories: Grimloc Carabiner
Empty Weight: 36.9 oz.

The Pygmy Falcon-II (#0517) is a compact rectangular urban daypack with distinct military styling and 1400 cubic inches (23 liters) of carry capacity. The Y-shaped compression strap that MAXPEDITION is famous for contributes to the bag's form and structural integrity while a row of sewn nylon hard points in front allows users to attach other MAXPEDITION pouches and accessories with our "snap and anchor" modular expansion system.

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  브랜드 정보

Tactical 및 outdoor용으로 미국을 넘어 전세계적으로 사랑받는 가방 브랜드.

1988년 작은 인원으로 시작하여 지금은 190여명의 직원과 R&D, 생산 시설, 미국과 유럽에 사무실을 둔 기업으로 성장하였음.

Maxpedition was established in 1988 as a small workshop fabricating hard-use military specification nylon gear. Today, we have grown into a company with 190 employees, in-house R&D and production facilities, and offices in North American and Europe. The main corporate facility is based in Gardena, CA.




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