Janus Extension Pocket, Foliage - 8001F
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* 제품 명 : Janus Extension Pocket, Foliage - MX8001F

- 사이즈 : 가로 20.3cm x 폭 3.8cm x 세로 10.2cm

- 색상 : Foliage

- 오버사이즈 버클을 사용한 제품들과 호환이 되는 "어깨끈 연장 포켓" 입니다.

* 영문 설명

Long Description

A two-faced pocket, one side features loop fields for ID patches while the other side has PALS webbing to accept modular accessories. An adjustable and removable strap allows user to decide which side should face forward and whether the opening points to the left or right. Splices into 2” shoulder straps or waist straps using compatible quick release buckle components, providing additional storage for most customers or elongating a fully extended shoulder/waist strap for larger folks.

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  브랜드 정보

Tactical 및 outdoor용으로 미국을 넘어 전세계적으로 사랑받는 가방 브랜드.

1988년 작은 인원으로 시작하여 지금은 190여명의 직원과 R&D, 생산 시설, 미국과 유럽에 사무실을 둔 기업으로 성장하였음.

Maxpedition was established in 1988 as a small workshop fabricating hard-use military specification nylon gear. Today, we have grown into a company with 190 employees, in-house R&D and production facilities, and offices in North American and Europe. The main corporate facility is based in Gardena, CA.




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Falcon-III™ Backpac..
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